Today will be another placeholder. I don’t know why I need to mention this. These things can be very short and vague if they need to be. The idea of skipping today did come up. My goal, after all, was to write everyday, not post everyday. Posting served as a Word Chain I wanted to keep going for a while. Two weeks seemed like a while. Then I thought about the calendar I made in one of my notebooks. Fourteen little squares so far. The thought of a space in between days was too much to handle.

I carry Field Notes and a Pilot G2 pen everyday. Right now it’s a Cherry Graph and a Pitch Black. One for word tracking and random thoughts. One for bare-bones Bullet Journals. There is a wooden archival box nearby with enough blank FNs to last me for months and a few already filled cover to cover. I can’t recommend having a notebook in your pocket enough.

  • “You can make this house smaller because it sure feels a lot bigger now.” This was said to me over the phone years ago at an office job when I asked a recent widower if there was anything else I could help him with. I wasn’t carrying notebooks at the time and had to write this down and email it to myself. This was one of the most beautifully tragic things I’ve ever heard.
  • I almost filled a notebook during a recent trip to Portland. I remember getting looks because I had checked my only bag and was sitting at the terminal waiting to get on the flight with only my notebooks and a pen. Filling pages helped me ignore my anxiety during the flight.
  • There is a small orange Post-It Note stuck to the inside cover of one of my notebooks with a ten point rating system written on it. I have my headphones on most of the day and have started rating the new album releases I listen to.
  • An old notebook has a list titled Things I have stolen/adapted from W.E. If you’ve read a few of these posts, you know who this is. This has to stop, by the way.

READING: NORMAL – Warren Ellis


I will begin writing here. I don’t really know what I’ll be writing but, if possible, it’ll be everyday.

2017 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the day I stood on a small wood bridge in the middle of nowhere and decided I wanted to be a professional writer. That decade hasn’t seen much out of me besides piles of abandoned journals and the deformed skeleton of  a novel. If I was the type who believed in new years resolutions, I would have failed at mine for 10 years: write everyday.

This site is meant to help me change that. No set structure and no expectations. Just the words.


[Photo: Inside back cover of Field Notes Brand “Pitch Black” notebook]