Checking In

January was a productive month for me. To be fair, that just means that words were written. As of this morning, my word count for January was just over eleven thousand. This is excellent when you compare it to months of writing nothing. Still, I allowed too many days to come and go without sitting at the desk. That can’t happen again. I posted consecutively on this site for the first half of the month and all but disappeared for the second half. That can’t happen again either. This site deserves a bit more respect and I’ll try to keep to a Post schedule.

I have been doing a bit of thinking about personal branding this week. Like many writers starting out, I feel I was forcing a persona with my site and social media. Maybe it wasn’t inherently obvious yet, but I could see where it was going. I may not be all sunshine and rainbows, but I’m also not always doom and gloom. That being said, however, I did recently obtain the rights to Who knows what I’ll do with it.

Anyway, February should be a very productive month for me; even by other people’s standards. There will be regular posts on this site and a weekly long-read piece, which I’ll talk about later.

There is no point trying to recap everything that has been going on since my last post. Just look out your window and tell me if you can see the flames yet. We are in unbelievable times. Keep your voices loud and try to be on the right side of history. Please consider donating to the ACLU. I have and am thrilled with the things they’ve already achieved.

Like the title says, just checking in. I’m not even going to link this post to Twitter and may even delete it when the next real post arrives. Thanks to those of you following along.