Today I decided to write offline but I still wanted to share something.

It appears that this site is magic. I wrote about Slowdive six days ago and today, the band released their first new song in twenty-two years. Of course I have nothing to do with that but I’ll accept your thanks anyway. The track is great. Where I spoke about their sleepiness, “Star Roving” is very much awake. It’s still moving around in the dark but there is so much light shining through.  It puts me in a good, optimistic mood. Also, is there a way to turn their new video into a screen saver? Fitting the theme I subscribed them to, it features a transparent cube spinning and shifting endlessly in space. I’ve been playing it on my secondary monitor at work all day.

This site is two weeks old now. I’m already getting a feel for posting regularly but want to allow myself to just write what’s on my mind at the moment and not necessarily “blog” the events of the day. Things may get even more random than they already are. Another important thing that needs to start happening is longer reads. Maybe I’ll give in to that voice in my head and start a weekly column. We’ll see.

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