I don’t have any tattoos. I’ve gone in for initial appointments a few times and spent money on stencils I never used. Most were copied out of comics or vinyl inserts. I wouldn’t have regretted these but using them would not say anything particular about me except that I was a fan of the source material. You have to be a big fan (or just really young) for something like that. I’ve held out on getting tattoos until now so at my age I think they should have more meaning.

I have a love of symbols but not much of an understanding of them. I’ve done plenty of searches of Japanese, Nordic and Alchemy symbols just trying to find something that stood out. People use Pinterest as the online “I’ll take that one” tattoo binder. Nothing ever spoke to me enough to permanently etch it on myself, especially since their meaning didn’t resonate with me. Jon Hickman is a comic book writer and designer and he is excellent with symbols and charts (do a google search). I once tweeted at him, asking him to design tattoos for me. He didn’t respond.

I hope to discover or create symbols that have a special meaning to me; maybe to me and me alone. I’ll use only blacks and set up a grid of these symbols on myself, dotted and solid lines connecting them as they are added. I’ll look like some kind of bizarre treasure map or astronomy chart. Or an astrology chart, for that matter.

Of course, I would still love to get the musicians on this Neutral Milk Hotel poster one day too.

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