Although it may not seem like it from the outside looking in, this has been a very productive week for me. A week’s worth of posts has added up to a little over three thousand words. Not where my insane word goal would have me at this point but still not bad at all. I decided that I would take a few minutes every Sunday to look back at my 2017 goals. Not in an obsessive or overly critical way, just to remind myself I have things to work on.

There are a few extra things that come to mind:

  • Write numbers out in sentences. For example, “three thousand words.”
  • Sure, read your 25 books for the year, but also read anything and everything. If you’re going to be writing online, you damn well better be reading online. Make use of your ignored Medium account and follow links in newsletters more often.
  • Experience more things that are not American or English.
  • Rate new albums as you listen to them to help make the Top Album list in December. (At the end of 2016 I had a list of about a hundred albums I wanted to rate but only heard a third of them. I scraped the list in the end. For those curious my album of the year is a three-way tie between Frank Ocean, Anderson .Paak and A Tribe Called Quest.)
  • Stop putting your feet on your desk.
  • See more live music even if you are now the old guy in the crowd.
  • Stay bald. Why wait a few weeks between trimming when it’s painfully obvious certain parts are just never growing back?
  • Set up a proper office for yourself.
  • Clean the office, because it’s somehow already a mess.

Not much else to report tonight. The rains have been steady and the winds have been unwavering. I posted a photo on Instagram of my bald head and captioned it, “Moon.”


READING: ON WRITING – Charles Bukowski

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