As I sit to write this it’s 8:52 pm, Friday night. I pledged I would continue to post here everyday for as long as I could and, it appears, I’m still on track. Tonight I wanted to quickly acknowledge that I know you are there. You are faceless and silent but I can see the footprints you leave behind. [Note: Comments and Likes were deactivated for the first week of this blog] At first I could tell that I was just seeing where I had run back and forth trying to update and tweak things, but WordPress let me know that there are some others haunting these walls and I’m glad. If you feel like someone else may enjoy these posts, please feel free to send them along.

We are coming up on the first full week of 2017 and I could write a thousand words on how things continue to look bleak but now is not the time for that. Tonight will be a short one, as some may be in the future.

As I’ve proven, I have an affinity for words that would make you think I’m some aging goth quickly approaching their mid-thirties but still shopping at Hot Topic. “Doom,” for example,  is a good word. A strong, bold and solid word. When used accurately, it really captures how I feel about our world. I eventually got tired of posting long rants online after every horrible news story that would trend over the last two years and I started posting tweets that simply read, “#doomed.”

Sometimes, though, “doomed” can sound like very over dramatic. I was looking through my old emails (which I really should clear out once and for all) and found the newsletters I was sending at this time last year. I had just started adding “Habitually Doomed” to my social media bios. I still smile at that phrase. It comes from a lot of things but mainly its a reference and self jab to my anxiety disorder. It’s also referring to the fact that we will all feel so lost when another horrific news story starts trending but can force ourselves to forget about it in a day or two when some celebrity gets caught changing their underwear at a Burger King or something.

In a sense we are all doomed in one way or another but we made it to 2017, you and I. Another two days and we will have made through the first week of 2017. I hope we all keep finding each other.

À la prochaine.



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