It has only been two days and I already had to stop to make sure I wasn’t letting the year get away from me. I was setting up the week in my bare-bones bullet journal and wrote down “Jan 02 – Jan 08.” The thought that within this first week, we will already be eight days into the year almost startled me. That means we will be a fourth through January and then before we know it it’ll be New Years again.

Time is imaginary but it is horrifying if you pay attention to it.

All that really matters to me right now is writing. I have to be almost obsessive in how much I focus on it and think about it. At this moment I am writing in a shared word sprint space. The site MyWriteClub was brought to my attention today and I have signed on for the beta. I love Word Goal tracking when I have the words to update them. The Word Sprint feature is pretty great and I can see others are in the “room” with me. Most have written much more than me during these last few minutes. This site has a lot of potential and I will stick with it. Follow me if you feel so inclined.

I love the idea of having several things to write but can sometimes get ahead of myself. Right now I want to post one of these everyday, send out a weekly newsletter (about what?) and start a weekly column. It’s a bit ridiculous when I’m only three posts into whatever this is and I still have no name for it. I’ll admit that a few ideas have come to mind and I have cancelled out of more than one domain purchase. I mention a lot of the same influences if you are around me long enough but one of the biggest inspirations I’ve ever had for “installment” writing was reading the collected Notes of a Dirty Old Man by Charles Bukowksi. The idea of writing a “column” that served as a diary, a collection of short stories and an opinion think-piece was amazing to me. There was no real structure and yet you don’t read one and think, “this didn’t really belong in Notes.” He would just sit down with a beer and write whatever came out. So pure.

I have sat here with my headphones on, sipping a glass of water and what came out was writing about writing. As long as the words come everyday, I guess.


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