2016 was rough. But let’s agree that 2016 was not unkind, since a year is not a sentient being. There were, of course, a lot of difficult things to get through in 2016. There most talked about was the long list of celebrity deaths, many that saddened me personally. There were also the countless deaths in countries we don’t plan to ever visit and therefore forget about too soon, myself included. There were the deaths of loved ones we didn’t see coming. We had to come to terms with the fact that our country-the United States if you are reading this from elsewhere-was more divided than united. The only thing that has changed as of midnight last night is that we can no longer blame 2016 for our sorrows. 2016 can no longer get us. It’s over and now we are in a new year.Things will occur in these next twelve months that hurt us but there will also be things that make life worth living.

That aside, there’s the idea of the things we ourselves may have control over. Like I said before, I don’t like New Year’s resolutions but I have forced myself to set some goals. I keep a bare-minimum bullet journal in my Field Notes Pitch Black notebook. The other day while at the office, I started listing goals until I filled a page. My notebooks are private but I’ll post the contents of the page here along with some annotations. This writing space is primarily for myself, after all.

  • Write every day. 1000 words. (if possible)
  • Keep a “word chain” going for as long as possible.
  • Daily meditation.
  • Get back to (at least) age 25 weight.
  • Get serious about learning French.
  • Get more comfortable about scar (I have a scar on my head and wear a hat).
  • Keep my friends.
  • Complete Nanowrimo (in November).
  • Travel (out of state, for one, but I’m open to farther).
  • Cook more often (or at all).
  • Always be myself, whoever that may be at the moment. Never be someone else.
  • Live in the present.
  • Be around. Meet people.
  • If I’m not doing anything else, I should be reading.
  • Don’t fear my fear.
  • Do things as soon as I have the time to do them.

Seems reasonable. The “1000 words” comes from Stephen King and is-obviously-insane. That is not to say, you’ll read all of those words here. This space is meant to help me writing on a regular basis. The “word chain” is more of a “post chain.” I can’t say it will be daily all year since I’ve already broken the chain once since the first post on the 28th of December. I will post regularly. I removed Likes and Comments on the posts because that is not what this space is for. That comes from Warren Ellis, as so many things do for me. [Note: These have been reactivated since; don’t judge me] This year you will have words from me.

Every new day is not a gift, it’s an opportunity. A new page to fill.

My motto for 2017 is “No Blank Pages.”

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